Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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Crying Over Thee Unsubscribes

by Matt on September 9, 2013

It tends to be a common theme round here lately,
I will get emails with people crying over unsubscribes on
their list.
“Matt, for some reason people are unsubscribing from my list,
To be honest, I really don’t know who the guy or gal out there
was that was teaching that unsubscribes are a bad thing.
They are actually a good thing.
A VERY good thing actually.
And I’d bet your hot little pocket that your sales are in direct
proportion to your unsubscribes.
See here’s the thing.
The more you email, the more sales you will get.
The less you email, the less sales you make.
You email, you make money,
You don’t email, you make no money.
In fact, when you email regularly there are gonna be some whiners
out there saying “you email too much”, and they are gonna
Those are the guys who weren’t ever gonna buy in the first place.
So don’t worry about unsubscribes.
Just focus on building your list, email it regularly (the correct
And the tire kickers, whiners and freebie seekers
will be scared off.
Rinse and repeat.
Cool right?
And here’s the sweet part. We show you how to build a list,
and make more sales (actually our phone team makes the sales
for you)
Yep, you’ll get unsubscribes.
But, what would you rather have?
Lower unsubscribes?
Or more sales?
Just sayin’
-Matt Ferguson


People love predictions.

No joke, I see people posting on fakebook all the time
about going to get the future read to them with leaves in
tea and getting cards read to them.

Avoid the cross bones and skullz, that means death!

Anyways, since people love predictions, I am going to make
a few for the rest of the year.

Now before I start, I gotta let you know that I ain’t no
fortune teller, a prophet of any kind, or know any black

But these things are actually happening right now and will
be more so important by years end.

So here they are:

Numero uno – More and more people will wake up and realize
that a job just won’t cut it for their financial goals.

Too many people are trading time for dollars and it just ain’t
the cats ass.

Everyday brand new people will join a network marketing
business or search the internet on how to make more money
from home.

(This is why its critical you learn to market to get in front of
there eyeballz)

Prediction 2 – Many more people will lose their jobs and the
economy will get worse.

Even if I am wrong, it’s always good to plan for the worst, right?

But here’s a cool fact, it’s the companies that know how to market
and sell
that always come out ahead when a recession or depression hit.

Good news is, as long as you are always studying marketing and
etc etc, you should be A-OK.

Prediction 3 – I predict the many people that read this email who
are looking for ways to learn new skills, sell more products and make
more money will not spend the measly $49 bucks to apply and to use a
system that is given for free that has a cray cray guarantee that if you
don’t make 1k in 30 days they get $500 sent to them by paypal or check.


Maybe they are not sure the guarantee is real…

Even though I say it is.

Or maybe they think it’s just another, “one of those programs”?

Hey, I get it.

I get that some people feel that they will get in and never get the
help they need….

Or they feel they might get overwhelmed,

Or maybe just don’t believe they have what it takes.

This is why this program assigns people a “personal coach”

To walk people through steps, teach them, give them coaching,
answer questions, get help on traffic, help them get paid.

Now this is a little bit different than anything else that is on
the internet isn’t it?

No time to muck around, here’s where to apply:


-Matt Ferguson


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