Crying Over Thee Unsubscribes

It tends to be a common theme round here lately,
I will get emails with people crying over unsubscribes on
their list.
“Matt, for some reason people are unsubscribing from my list,
To be honest, I really don’t know who the guy or gal out there
was that was teaching that unsubscribes are a bad thing.
They are actually a good thing.
A VERY good thing actually.
And I’d bet your hot little pocket that your sales are in direct
proportion to your unsubscribes.
See here’s the thing.
The more you email, the more sales you will get.
The less you email, the less sales you make.
You email, you make money,
You don’t email, you make no money.
In fact, when you email regularly there are gonna be some whiners
out there saying “you email too much”, and they are gonna
Those are the guys who weren’t ever gonna buy in the first place.
So don’t worry about unsubscribes.
Just focus on building your list, email it regularly (the correct
And the tire kickers, whiners and freebie seekers
will be scared off.
Rinse and repeat.
Cool right?
And here’s the sweet part. We show you how to build a list,
and make more sales (actually our phone team makes the sales
for you)
Yep, you’ll get unsubscribes.
But, what would you rather have?
Lower unsubscribes?
Or more sales?
Just sayin’
-Matt Ferguson

3 Terrifying Predictions For The Rest Of The Year

People love predictions.

No joke, I see people posting on fakebook all the time
about going to get the future read to them with leaves in
tea and getting cards read to them.

Avoid the cross bones and skullz, that means death!

Anyways, since people love predictions, I am going to make
a few for the rest of the year.

Now before I start, I gotta let you know that I ain’t no
fortune teller, a prophet of any kind, or know any black

But these things are actually happening right now and will
be more so important by years end.

So here they are:

Numero uno – More and more people will wake up and realize
that a job just won’t cut it for their financial goals.

Too many people are trading time for dollars and it just ain’t
the cats ass.

Everyday brand new people will join a network marketing
business or search the internet on how to make more money
from home.

(This is why its critical you learn to market to get in front of
there eyeballz)

Prediction 2 – Many more people will lose their jobs and the
economy will get worse.

Even if I am wrong, it’s always good to plan for the worst, right?

But here’s a cool fact, it’s the companies that know how to market
and sell
that always come out ahead when a recession or depression hit.

Good news is, as long as you are always studying marketing and
etc etc, you should be A-OK.

Prediction 3 – I predict the many people that read this email who
are looking for ways to learn new skills, sell more products and make
more money will not spend the measly $49 bucks to apply and to use a
system that is given for free that has a cray cray guarantee that if you
don’t make 1k in 30 days they get $500 sent to them by paypal or check.


Maybe they are not sure the guarantee is real…

Even though I say it is.

Or maybe they think it’s just another, “one of those programs”?

Hey, I get it.

I get that some people feel that they will get in and never get the
help they need….

Or they feel they might get overwhelmed,

Or maybe just don’t believe they have what it takes.

This is why this program assigns people a “personal coach”

To walk people through steps, teach them, give them coaching,
answer questions, get help on traffic, help them get paid.

Now this is a little bit different than anything else that is on
the internet isn’t it?

No time to muck around, here’s where to apply:

-Matt Ferguson

Want To Be A Great Copywriter?

Wanted to let you in on this that was released about a week ago…

I just picked it up and went through it and wanted to make
sure it was good before I told you about it…

But first of all, let me tell you something really important.

When I first started marketing online, I sucked, yet I knew
I had to get better.

I had to learn how to sell better.

Oh, and never listen to ANYONE that tells you otherwise.

Cause in reality, they are ‘selling’ to you the idea that you
never have to learn ‘how to sell’.

In order to get your product or service into the hot little
hands of your potential customers, you need to learn
the proper way to sell, the psychology of people and what makes
them tick.

Listen, back in 2010 I went to an event and listened to a
multi millionaire that was just a few years older than me, stand up
on stage and tell the crowd exactly what he would do if
he knew what he knew but had to start from absolute zero.

The answer shocked me….

His answer wasn’t:

-Go make a tonne of boring talking head videos and put them
up on YouTube

And he most certainly didn’t say:

-Go write 3 blog posts a day in hopes of people finding your content

You want to know what he said?

He said:

“If I had to start from scratch, I would MASTER copywriting, and
get traffic to my offer”

In other words, he was saying he would learn how to write masterful
ads that used human psychology that made people want to buy his
stuff and put people in front of it.

I couldn’t agree more with him, because it WORKS.

Ever since I took his advice, I have doubled (even tripled)
my results on some of my ads I have run.

Anyways, if you really want to learn the secrets of GREAT
copy that really digs inside your prospects head and turns
on the ‘buying signal’…

…Then you need to go and watch the
5 step formula that is taught by my friend Jon when you go to:

You’re gonna love it,

So till tomorrow, same Matt time, same Matt channel.

-Matt Ferguson

PS – The real cool thing about this, is you can use what Jon
teaches for ANY business, offline or online.

Some are using it for lawyer services, others for their books,
or even their dry cleaner business… Copywriting can work for
anything, especially this 5 step formula.

Why I Love Me Some Hate Mail

I gotta tell ya, I loooooove me some good ol’ hate mail.

And you should too if you are building a list.
(You are list building right?)

Because when you start to get hate mail, it means you are
doing something right.

It means you are standing for something…

After all, if all you do is want to please everyone, you end up
pleasing no one.

So ya, sometimes some precious snowflake is going to get
offended by what I say or what you say, but that’s alright, because
you want to chase them types away.

Like for example, I wrote an email some months ago about
catching rabbits.

Except the whole email wasn’t actually about catching rabbits,
it was a metaphor….

Anyways, some ‘hater’ emails me back calling me an asshole
because what do I know about catching rabbits and that I was
just a baby when he was catching rabbits (uuhh ok? it was a
metaphor dude)

But I never answer these sensitive types, wanna know why?

My friend Ben puts it the best:

Emailing wussy’s back are like wresting with a pig. You both get
dirty and the pig loves it.

Ain’t that the troof.

Anyway, bottom line?

Aim to get more hate mail cuz you’ll remove the tire kickers and
make more sales.

I always keep the hate mail so I can write about it, and turn it
into cash in the bizank.

For more ways to make huge bucks using email and the internet
head on over to:

-Matt Ferguson

5 Reasons Why Marketing Is Better Than Sex

It’s true!

Marketing is awesome, in fact, I’ll give you 5 reasons why
marketing could be better than sex.

1. You can’t catch a nasty disease by writing ads, creating
sales letters or generating leads

2. You can get paid for marketing and never have to worry
about getting arrested. lol

3. You can look at other people’s talent and not get slapped
by your partner

4. Finishing an ad in under a minute won’t put you in the dog

And numero

5. You can’t get pregnant by writing an ad.

And this my friend, is why marketing (could be) better than

Of course, you have to be good at it,

Otherwise if its just bad, its awkward, embarrassing and you don’t
want to tell your friends about it.

On the contrary, when it’s good it leaves you damn satisfied and
wanting more.

And that’s why it is a goal of mine to get you good at it.

Good at marketing that is, lol

When you get good at it and produce some crazy good
results and your bank account fills up, it creates a great testimonial.

This is why you need to head on over to the website below, it’s going
to show you how to market (the right way), make more sales and
get more signups. This is going to make you happy,

So go there now, goto:

It’s a free 21 step system that includes a personal coach, so
you can be sure you are being taught the right way.

See you inside, (no pun intended)

-Matt Ferguson

20,000 visitors for 5 bucks?

So I was chattin it up with one of my marketing buddies,
actually he is a mentor of mine.

Real smart guy too…

He’s actually a computer scientist, so he knows how
programs work behind the scenes.

One of his specialties is Google PPC.

Anyways, one of his subscribers unsubscribed and left
him a comment saying:

“I don’t have time to scroll through an enormous sales pitch. I was
looking for someone to drive a set amount of traffic to my
articles. On Fiverr, for example, I can get 20,000 visitors to an
article for $5. I was looking for a similar or better deal and
someone with whom I could work directly since Fiverr doesn’t allow
us to speak on the phone with vendors. If you can offer a better
deal than 20k visitors for $5, let me know. Thanks.”

Haha, I seriously laugh at this.

Being in the game long enough, I know when I smell complete
BS, and this is one of them times.

It’s kind of like how people sell YouTube views on fiverr for 5
bucks too,
and they are never ‘real’ people. Actually, I’ll give you this tip
for free,
goto your YouTube video and hold down the F5 key (refresh) for 5
mins, there
you go, a bunch of views!

So ya, where was I? Oh right, the 20,000 views for 5 bucks.

You really have to think about this.

Do you think you are getting good traffic for 5 dolla’s?

Chances are like the YouTube views, they are NOT real
people. They are just bots and software.

Sure, the numbers show there were visitors there, but here
is the kicker, it doesn’t make you money!

Listen up, if you are getting traffic from someone, you
must ask:

“Who are they”?

“Where are they coming from”?

“What are their interests”?

Because asking those questions will help you determine
if you want their traffic and if it will be worth it to you.

Hey, what a cool coincidence, this is exactly what we
teach you in our 21 step program and 30 day traffic
session with a designated traffic coach assigned to you,

With this program you get to earn some big commissions
while having someone guide you, and you can ask all the
questions your little heart desires.

But in order to do this, you gotta read what its all about,
by going to:

Oh, and they have this cool little guarantee you won’t
want to pass up on,

See you inside!

-Matt Ferguson

Beating The Dog From Frustration

I am going to talk to you about a real life story about a guy
I know who was extremely frustrated with making money online.

He was almost driven to beating his dog!

And the lack of results he was getting was making him a miserable
prick to be around.

No! I’m not BS’ing here.

His wife would always ask what was up with him or what was wrong
this time…

He was constantly agitated.

And the amount of time he wasted doing the stuff the ‘guru’s told
him to do left him no time to do anything else. He was told to
do more and more of what he was doing already which took even more

Yet, when he did more of what he was doing, the results still
didn’t show up.

Usually he would get home from work, hop on the computer and start
banging away at the keyboard for hours upon hours, not taking
calls, missing his favorite show on TV and not spending the time he needed
to with his wife.

He was continuously told that what he was doing was a long term
strategy and it would pay off.

Days, months, even a year went by and the results STILL didn’t

He couldn’t even take it anymore.

Frankly, it got so bad that he put his fist right through a closet

And the worst part, it wasn’t even his closet!

He was at a friends house and the discussion about him working
from home came up and the discussion became super heated..

Now he had to replace the closet door.

It was extremely depressing for him.

And you know what?

I’ve been in his shoes… except I didn’t put any of my fists
anything, or want to beat my dog. lol

Maybe you can relate to him,

But it doesn’t have to ever come down to that…

Especially when you can do something smart and have a personal coach
(for free) that will guide you and teach you what needs
to be done and give you a game plan PLUS a phone sales team that
will close the deals for you!

Yup, its available for you, just goto:

-Matt Ferguson

Why You Don’t Need A Great Set Of Boobs To Do This

One of my fellow chaps on Facebook sent me a private message

asking how was I able to generate the amount of leads and sales
that I get.

At first I started to type out a reply but then backspaced it all
because I had to really think about it for a few moments.

See, I think getting leads is actually very easy.

It’s not at all complicated like most gurucrites out there may have
you believe. You don’t need to be born with natural marketing
talent, you don’t have to be super smart, and you don’t need a great set
of boobs to do it either.

I won’t make it out like there is no work to be done, because there

But here’s the thing.

You do need to learn some skills and you do need to put them into

And you really wanna know how you get damn good at it?

You do it by being bad at it and then getting better with

My first blog post sucked.

My first email I wrote to my list probably wreaked of newbyness.

But I got better.

Anyways, it’s something you can do and get better at, especially
when you have a coach and someone guiding you along the way teaching you
what works and what doesn’t.

And that’s why when you join me inside of MTTB (My top tier
business), you get a personal coach to guide you, to help you, to coach you
into your first $1000 in 30 days. It’s actually guaranteed or you get
$500 cash.

Not to mention, you get a sales phone team to make the
calls for you.

Yup, read all about it at

-Matt Ferguson

Building The Plane While It’s Flying

Here is what plagues the internet marketing industry.

Something that may even be holding you back.

It used to hold me back.

What is it?

It’s being absolutely perfect.

Here’s the problem.

When we were lil youngins going to school for 18 years
of our lives (being programmed), we were taught that everything
has to be perfect.

Our education system punished us for making mistakes.

Think about it. ‘A’ students made the least mistakes.

Because we want everything to be perfect, it can put us into
the state of ‘analysis paralysis’

Meaning, if we don’t have everything absolutely perfect then we
won’t put what we learn into action.

Hey, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

There are times when I do it.

Then I just have to snap myself out of it.

And I’m like ‘WTF Self – quit thinking like a damn employee’.

Did you know, that the most successful ads and shiz that I have set
up without my worrying if it is perfect had the best results?

Ha, there were sometimes that I had an ad running and had to adjust
a few things while it was still moving – like building the airplane
as it
is flying.

Don’t be silly and let fear hold you back…

The unknown is where the success is.

Take a leap with me – it may be unknown but you will
be glad you did it, go to

That’s all for today.

Stay thirsty my friend,

-Matt Ferguson

Quantdumb Physics Mind Laughery

Spent a day chuckling every hour or so at something I read
on flakebook the other day.

In fact, I couldn’t even believe what my eyes were reading
on this status that I had to remove the person immediately.

It actually surprises me what some people will say to get
signups in their business.

My favorite one so far from a guru is ‘quantum physics mastery’ that
make people magically want to buy something on the spot,
like a Jedi mind trick or something.

Like Obi Wan waving his hand across someones face
and say ‘join now’ and they join on the spot.



But for someone who knows how to sell, seems kind of like
a joke.

And even if you use this so called trickery to get someone to buy,
do you think they will be back for a second, or third time? I
doubt it.

So anyways, where was I? Oh right, this status update I read,
so this person claiming to have this crazy mind mastery told
people that they have 2 options,

The first being; you can do what you want in your life by speaking
it out,


The second; ending your life.

Seems kind of ridiculous dontcha think?

Offering people ‘suicide’ as a solution.

Talk about drinking the gooroo koolaid.

No thanks, I’ll just stick to principles of selling rather than
telling people to ‘off’ themselves.

So, you wanna make more sales?

Forget about the tricks,

Just learn the basics of selling, and subscribe below:

And I’ll never tell ya to end your life lolz

-Matt Ferguson

PS – Be on watch for my emails coming out, I got some cool things
to show you that are going to increase your sales and build your
faster than ever.