3 Deadly Tricks To Get You More YouTube Views

YouTube is ranked the #3 website in the world.  That means it gets a boatload of traffic, and you can get eyeballs in front of your videos if you use the 3 cool tricks I am going to share with you, believe me, if you use these tips you will get way more YouTube views.

3 Tricks To Get More YouTube Views

1) Pick a keyword.  Just like blogging and SEO, you must come up with a keyword you want to rank for on YouTube.  Remember, Google owns YouTube so they work together to decide how you will get ranked.

2) Optimize your video for the chosen keyword.  I list a few steps below on how to get more YouTube views using your keyword.

-Have your keyword in your videos title.  This is self explanatory.  If your keyword is “mlm prospecting” then you would use that in your title.

-Use the keyword in your videos file name. For example, if you wanted to rank the word “mlm tips” your file name would be mlmtips.mp4.  Now the people who are watching the video will not know what the file name is called, but Google and YouTube sure know what it is.  This will help you rank.

-Use your keyword in the description.  Write out about 4-5 sentences with your keyword throughout.  Don’t stuff your keyword in there a tonne of times, just use it once per sentence or so.

3) Back link your YouTube video’s URL.  You can now take your video’s link and put it into a blog post, share it on social sites, share it on forums etc.  This will help increase its rankings.

More YouTube Views = More Exposure = More Leads

I wrote a post on how to market with video and why it is important , check out my post  that will also help you get more YouTube views here.

You want to remember that creating a video will get you more exposure and it actually builds a good amount of rapport.  People feel a connection with you already when they see you on camera.  There have been many times when speaking to a lead that they feel like they already know me from watching my videos.  This can definitely help you as well.

When making a video, make sure to

  • Be yourself – people like to see a real person
  • Be excited – people want to be around exciting people, not downers or monotone sounding people
  • Speak with confidence – people are attracted to people that are confident.  The more you spend your time on camera, the more comfortable you will get.  Just do it
  • You don’t have to be perfect – Hair not brushed? who cares, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Using these tips will get you way more YouTube views.
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One thought on “3 Deadly Tricks To Get You More YouTube Views”

  1. Another great tip Matt!

    Yes, I do keyword my Youtube but, I need to do more. I’m playing around with a new screen capture program I have purchased and will start doing those.

    I am tardy when it comes to Youtube, but I know how important it is – especially when put in our blogs – for SEO ranking.

    Thanks for reminding me to get on it!


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