Can The Empower Network Really Help You Build Your Network Marketing Business?

The Empower Network, can it really help you build and produce results inside of your network marketing business?  This is a question people ask after watching this video.  As a matter of fact, I had someone call me after watching the video and said that it looks really awesome but afraid that it may interfere with them growing their primary business.  I want to address this question and give you a better understanding of what it is all about and how it can help you.

The Empower Network – How It Can Help You

The Empower Network does not have to take any focus away from your primary company even though you can make commissions by referring people to use it as well.  Some people have actually chosen to just promote it as their primary source of income.  Others are using the blogging system to generate leads just for their primary company, and there are some who do both.

Maybe you have run out of your warm market to talk to and cringe at the fact that you now have to start approaching complete strangers and pitch them on your business.  Many people have stories of leaving brochures on cars, standing on corners handing out fliers and it just flat out does not work well. I don’t know about you, but that does not sound like fun.

This is where the empower network comes into play, and how it can help you breakthrough.

It is a blogging system that is in the top 200 websites in the world, which means it gets some sick amount of traffic.  There are about 1 million page views per day, yes you heard me right, 1 meeeelion.

When you start blogging about your story, your journey, your product, your results being on a product, your product reviews, your company reviews, your leader reviews, your personal experiences, etc etc you will start to get people finding your page on Google.  This is huge because when someone finds you on Google, that means they were searching for an answer to their problem.  Maybe someone is searching for an answer on how to lose weight and you wrote an article on what exercise’s you are doing and what supplements you took to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of time.  It happens everyday!  At the bottom of your article you let the person know what product you are on and if they want to know more to fill out the form, now you have yourself a lead that wants to know more about you and what you have to offer.  That is very powerful because people love seeing REAL people with real results.

The Empower Network – Another Source Of Income

Someone may come across your blog and loves your information.  However, they may be in another network marketing company.

And there are 3 things that can happen at this point:

1)  They will join up in the empower network with you to use the system and get the training which pockets you money by being on your empower team (pretty sweet if you ask me)

2)  They love the training and the system and decide they want to do whatever it is you do because you have been such a great mentor to them.

3)  They are not currently in a business opportunity and open to looking at what you have.

You will learn what your lead is after once connecting with them.  Either way, you can make some money if they say no to your primary business.

Check out the emails I get (picture to the left) while sleeping, and what makes me excited about checking my email every morning just by writing blog posts and helping people answer their questions.



Feel free to contact me about any questions you have, or leave some comments below



PS – Wanna know step-by-step how I use The Empower Network to build my primary business?

Click here to watch the free video that shows you how to get people falling in love with whatever it is you have to offer






One thought on “Can The Empower Network Really Help You Build Your Network Marketing Business?”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Matt, The Empower Network is an excellent place for mlm and network marketers to be in. It is great for the newbie as well as the seasoned blogger too. It is all there for you, a hosted blog, lessons, tutorials, and so much more.

    Thanks for explaining this so well,

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