Coming Up With A Target Marketing Strategy To Help You In Network Marketing

Here’s the thing when it comes to network marketing or online marketing, anyone can join your business and anyone can buy the product.  This is the reason why so many people in network marketing struggle, they don’t focus on a specific type of person they want in their business or who they want to sell to.  This is why you need a target marketing strategy so you can attract the people that you do want in your business.

Coming Up With A Great Target Marketing Strategy – Know Your Targets

When you define a target market for your MLM business or online business, you need to think about what type of person you would like to work with.  Once you have figured out the people you would want to work with, you can start to answer their dire questions and start helping that person out.  For example, I am in the network marketing niche, so when I write I am targeting network marketers and online marketers.  I know what questions they have and what struggles they are going through, so I write to them to help them out.  Many struggle with getting traffic to their sites, or sponsoring new reps into their business, so I write to those people and give the answers they are looking for.

Now usually your MLM product will determine who you will be targeting.  There are many companies out there that offer different products, so if your product was gold and silver your target market could be investors and collectors.   If your product was in the health and wellness industry your targets would be fitness instructors, health enthusiasts, people looking to live a healthier lifestyle and make nutrition changes.  That would be your target marketing strategy.  Pick your targets wisely!

Target Marketing Strategy – You Wouldn’t Do This….Would You?

You wouldn’t market a steak to a vegetarian would you?  I sure hope not, that would be an absolute waste of time, especially if you were advertising online.  It is extremely important for you to know who your target market is, what they love, where they hang out, what they talk about, what their struggles are etc.

If you were a hunter and were going after deer, and you read everything there is to know about them, watched videos, read books, hung around people that hunted deer and used the right tools, the chances of you getting a deer would be much higher.  Your chances would be higher because you know how they act, what they like, where they live, what they eat etc etc. You would be pretty comfortable going out into the woods and getting a deer wouldn’t you?

On the other side of the coin, if you were hunting deer for the first time, have no clue where they normally live, what they do, what time they normally feed and take a boomerang, the chances of you getting a deer are really slim.

Here are some target marketing strategy samples  you could use:

- Stay at home moms/dads looking to make some income on the side

- College and University students looking to make some extra money

- People wanting to look after their elderly parents

Now that you know about using a target marketing strategy, who is it you need to target for your business?\

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