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I am going to be managing this co-op, here are a few questions and answers so you know what a co-op is all about and decide if this is something you would like to do:


A co-op is an advertisement that is shared by several individuals. In addition to the exposure being shared, the cost and the risk are also shared. This means that if a particular advertisement and all the costs associated with it is $1000 with 10 people in the campaign, 10 people are going to be splitting the cost at $100 each. If the campaign is successful, all 10 people get to share in the positive results. This also means that if the campaign is not successful, all 10 people have split the risk and share the negative results.


A co-op usually starts by doing research about the particular advertising we are using. This can be researching a company through the BBB, other marketers, other marketer’s blogs, Warrior Forum, etc.  I then add up the entire cost of the whole thing and divide it by the number of shares going to be available for the campaign. The campaign is then sold to you guys, with your information being added into a program called Hypertracker. This program rotates the links, one by one, down the list to ensure that everyone is getting a fair share of exposure.


We are finding that solo ads are our most effective type of marketing. A solo ad is essentially a follow up email sent to another marketer’s email list. Ads are purchased by the number of “clicks” an email receives (500, 1K, 10K, etc.) Most marketers prefer to write their own emails to their lists, which is why I do not provide a copy to whomever has purchased a share in that co-op. Other times I am required to write the ad, which I usually just use one of our auto responder messages from the series that has been tweaked to be pertinent to the campaign and custom opt in page we are using.


Maybe.  Some people who see an opt in page and video purchase immediately, just like with any other form of marketing. However, the real goal here is not SALES but OPT INS. Taking part in co-ops should be considered a long term strategy, not a short term one. Those who join your list may not purchase until they have been on your list a week, a month, several months, a year, or may never even purchase at all. Marketing is a law of averages and by growing your list, you are building the foundation for sales in the future. (Not just with Empower Network! Remember, this list is YOURS and can be marketed to for other endeavors you take part in later on.) As you gain opt ins, you need to make sure that you are marketing to them DAILY via a good set of follow up messages to really increase that ratio of sales.


“Never spend money on advertising you can’t afford to lose.”

Before you spend money on a co-op campaign, I want you to ask yourself if the campaign flopped… would you be in desperate need? If so… RUN away from purchasing a share. If not and you feel that co-ops are a LONG TERM strategy… I invite you to take part.

To add a tracker to your capture page add “&keyword”
ex: http://www.empowernetwork.com/theylovetobuy.php?id=mattfs&coop(date)
by adding &coop(date) I have been able to see where my leads are coming from

Estimated time to have all clicks go through is 4 weeks

Avg Click to lead for empower capture pages has been 20-40%

*No guarantees on sales, only goal is to provide you with clean traffic that wants to opt into your list (make money list)*


Remember that the whole goal of a solo ad is to gain leads.  When you get a lead opt into your list, you will need a very powerful first email message to go out.  Your first email is the glue for all future sales, so invest some time coming up with a very good first email message.

If you do not have an email autoresponder (or don’t know what one is, click here to read about why you need one) click here to get Aweber which is optimized with Empower Network.  It is only a $1 for the first month.


***I have had some people tell me the submit button is not working when putting your info in, if you click submit and nothing happens please let me know.  If you clicked submit and were taken to a thank you page, it means it worked. Thank you***


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***I have had some people tell me the submit button is not working when putting your info in, if you click submit and nothing happens please let me know.  If you clicked submit and were taken to a thank you page, it means it worked. Thank you***


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