How To Explode Your Business In 90 Days Without Talking To Your Warm Market

Today’s post I am not going to be like a robot and make everything sound perfect, I am just going to write how I feel and go from there, hope you are not offended by the word shit ;)

So listen up! I want to talk to you about growing your business, actually exploding it all within 90 days without even talking to your warm market. Let’s make it a 90 day challenge. And no, just because a big network marketing company has that as it’s slogan does not mean we are going to copy them. 90 Day challenges were out way before them, but enough of the rambling, let’s just get into it.

First off, let me tell you that I have been at the point where I was literally chasing down my warm market. I would call them up and get them on a 3 way call without them knowing it, or messaging them asking when they were ready to buy or join my business or whatever. Put it this way, I was probably a huge pain in the ass to my friends and they probably dreaded it when they saw my name in their inbox. If this sounds like something you have done or want to stop doing, then pay attention and let’s get down to it so you can get to work, make sales and sign up people in your business without hassling your warm market. Sound good? Great.

Run Out Of Warm Market People To Talk To?

I don’t know about you, but I was told to hit up my warm market and get them all to parties or on 3 way calls.  I mean the top guy in the company did that right and became a millionaire in 3 months or some crazy shit like that, but let’s be honest, not all of your friends or family are going to join or buy from you and make you rich – that my friends is in a perfect world.

So I want to share with you what you can do to start getting a new warm market, where people will actually find you and want to know more, where people will find you and want to get to know you, where people will find you and want to buy whatever you are selling.  Doesn’t that sound SWEET?  And I am telling you, it is.  And it is freaking possible as long as you are consistent and don’t give up like a lot of wussies do out there.

1)  Get a Facebook profile if you don’t have one.  People love to connect with real people online.

2)  Get a place where you write, provide value and give helpful tips to people.  When I say place, what I actually mean is a blog.  A blog is a great place to constantly add content and people love coming back to get more of what you got.  Don’t have time to set one up or have the knowledge to?  No worries, you can get one here and start to build up a new warm market.

3)  Have a capture page where you can get peoples information.  Don’t have one?  You know that link I gave in #2?  That has a capture page built in!  Now you don’t have to worry about creating one.

4)  Write everyday on your blog, get people coming back craving for more of what you got, be like a dope dealer, but instead of a dope dealer, it’s a hope dealer.  Ok corny joke but at least I am laughing, ha ha ha.

5)  After your blog post, put in the PS section of your post a link to your capture page of what you are offering.  That’s it, simple right?

Your New Warm Market – Leads From The Net

So I challenge you, take the next 90 days, and write content and give value and you will see leads start to pour in, when leads come in, build a relationship with those people and now you have new people to talk to.  Trust me, when people love your stuff, they will want to buy from you because you have built a friendship with them.

I look forward to hearing about your new way on getting leads and building your business.

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