Lessons From A Pesky Nephew On Making Money From Home

The last few days I have had my nephew.

I won’t make it out like I have had it hard the
last few days, most people would tend to make
it seem like that.

But, it’s actually been sooper easy.

I remember being a 12 year old punk kid, just wanting
to sit around and play computer games and stuff,
but he actually wants to come and take the dogs to the
park with me and it surprises me. Ha!

Anyways where was I?

Oh right, a lesson from the pesky lil feller.

I told him we were gonna hit up Cold Stone Creamery,
its this ice cream place where they load you up with
insane amounts of chocolately goodness chunks, enough
to make your dentist cringe.

But the thing is, he followed up with me constantly so I
didn’t forget.

Not in an annoying way 12 year old way either.

It was just a reminder and good follow up.

And there is a huge lesson in this, because without the follow
up, and reminders, I probably would have forgot.

Follow up is key to sales and signups, buttercup.

This is what is taught in detail in the 8 core commitments
and inner circle in Empower Network.

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-Matt Ferguson

Mysterious Internet Creatures

It’s so funny

When I talk to other marketers and their ramblings
about the coolest headline they made for an ad.


About what super ninja magical words they used
inside of a blog post that ‘hypnotizes’ people to just
want to buy.

What a bunch of drivel.

These guys think that leads aren’t real people or

Like they are just some mysterious internet creature
from some other dimension just ready to buy when
they see a giant headline with the words ‘How To’

Sorry there sugar muffin, it just ain’t so.

Behind these computer monitors are REAL people with
emotions, with wants, with desires, with frustrations.

These are real people, like your neighbor, your friend, your
mom, your dad etc.

These people, like you, are protective of their money.

So when you see other marketers boasting of the coolest
headline or some stoopid hypnotic words they claim to write
that just make people buy – they are usually full of shitake

These tactics have little to no effect on your online leads
like they would your friends in real life.

Remember, they are real people.

The internet gives you a huge advantage because of the amount
of people you can reach, and when you actually learn to sell, then
and only then, will you start to make more money and get more

If you sign up and learn the strategies that we teach, selling
becomes easy and the signups flow like a raging river.

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-Matt Ferguson

Internet Leeches Sucking The Life From You

When I was brand spanking new online I found this program
that taught me how I could sponsor endless people into my network
marketing business.

The gist of it was I had to become more valuable and
then people would join me.

So I did what all these internet ‘coaches’ told me to do, I learned
a whole bunch of stuff and then taught it for free.

Because if I gave all my stuff away for free, then I must be the
eggspurt right?

So I just did what they told me. Learned a whole whack of stuff
and then taught it – for free.

I would get people signing up on my list and it was all cool cause
‘they must be diggin mah shit! right?’

So I would post content of me teaching some strategy or whatever,
one day there was this cool course that was being launched so I
sent it
out to my list for them to buy it.

Ah Mah Gawd – You wouldn’t believe what happened.

Hate mail!

Ya, like WTF right?

I was giving all this cool stuff away for FREE and then when I
wanted to sell something I got all these weird emails back just
hating on

It actually shocked me… but then I quickly realized – that what I
doing was swimming in the swampy murky water where the leeches live.

Yup, interwebz leeches just wanting the free shizzle from me.

These types of people are the worst you can have on your list.

Honestly, these types have no work ethic, no gratitude, and they
want everything
for free and right NOW.

This is why I love sending emails like this every now and then, it
gets the leeches
all hot and bothered, squirmy in their chair murmuring hate words.

(These types don’t last on my list very long)

So, moral of the story?

Giving away free shizzle is dumb.

Unless of course you want to attract the freebie seeking leeches
that will only complain when you wanna sell em something.

If you really wanna make sales, you gotta learn how to market
and sell, while still giving value.

To learn how, you just gotta learn the 8 core commitments
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That’s all for today, so till tomorrow,

Same Matt time, same Matt channel.

-Matt Ferguson

Email Whiners And Complainers

If you yourself are growing an email list of subscribers who have
come to you looking for a solution to their problem, good on ya

There seems to be a common theme out there for people who
are building a list, and it tends to be:

“I am so upset when I see someone unsubscribe from my list”


“It makes me upset when I see I get a complaint”

First of all, never be worried if someone unsubscribes from your

You actually WANT unsubscribes, and, that may go against everything
you have been taught.

Heck, I rejoice when I see unsubscribes.


Because first of all, when someone leaves my list, it means they
are not interested in what I have to offer.

Second of all, I have to pay for people who are subscribed (chances
are you do too). So it saves you dinero when they unsubscribe.

So when you get an unsubscribe, turn that frown upside down lol.

Now, on to the whiners and complainers.

Don’t worry bout them type either.

These are the funny types of people who go on your list and then
complain when you send em an email.

It’s like me walking into a store and then complaining when a
person comes and asks me if I need any help (stoopid logic there).

Don’t let these types of people get to you. It’s a GOOD thing, if
they are complaining, it means you are doing a damn good job by sending
emails and getting your info out there.

So keep trucking on there sport!

-Matt Ferguson

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Marketers Got Talent

So last night I was watching America’s Got Talent.

Damn some of those guys and gals are good.

Like this one dude, just levitates in any position,
so random, so weird and just so cool.

Or the 11 year old who has a voice of an angel. Them
kids grow up so fast don’t they.

Anyways, where was I?

Oh right.

So anyways, at the beginning of the show they had some of
the auditioners talking, and one said:

“I was ridiculed, I was laughed at, I was told I couldn’t do
it, but look where I am now, never give up on your dreams
and never listen to the naysayers”.

They speaketh the truth!

There are going to be people (mostly friends and family) who
want to tell you ‘you ain’t good enough’, or ‘you ain’t got what
it takes’, or ‘that will be too hard’.

They are only reflecting whats true for them and don’t want
to see you succeed.

Pretty damn sad ain’t it.

So, never give up on yer dreams, and don’t listen to the
losers who are too afraid to do the stuff you are doing.

Bottom line?

Opinions are like rocks, everyone’s got em, just pick em
up and throw em as far away as you can.


If you wanna join a team that actually lifts you up and help
you hit your goals and dreams

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-Matt Ferguson

Accountability Partner? Uhhh No Thanks

So, someone asked me about accountability partners and if
I could be one with me.

And I was thinking about it for a bit and it dawned on
me why I don’t want one and why I don’t need one.

I have never needed an accountability partner since
coming online or offline for that matter.


Fact is, my goals have always been crystal clear.

I know what I want…

I know what I want to do…

And it doesn’t matter what challenges pop up or any
BS that pops up in my head either because my why is
pretty damn strong.

I don’t need someone to push me to do something,

Because my goal pulls me to take action.

Ya, sometimes I don’t feel like doing squat, but I do it
So listen, my advice to you,

Grab a piece of paper, or your journal or whatever you
write in, and go and write down your goals.

What do you want to accomplish?

What do you want in life?

Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to travel more?

Do you want to own nice things?

Do you want more time with your family?

Only you can answer those questions mi amigo

So go ahead, write them down and then put it where
you will see it daily. This is extremely powerful.

And if you finally write down what you want and want to
make it happen.

-Matt Ferguson

PS – Of course, my favorite way way to sell is using the internet.
If you know what you are doing you can profit quite handsomely
and grow a large organization.

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The Jedi Way Of Online Marketing

I love Star Wars (Except Episode 2 lolz).

I specially loved Episode 3 – Return of the Sith.

This is where Anakin Skywalker has a tonne of hatred built up inside
and turns to the darkside.

I have always been a fan of the darkside, all the bad guys are
badass and look super cool, like my man Broba Fett. Ya, he’s my bro!

Anyways, in episode 3 there is a part where Anakin and Obi-Wan are
having a duel and Anakin ends up on a floating piece of rock and Obi
has the higher ground.

Obi-Wan warns Anakin not to come at him, because he had the
‘advantage’ of being higher.

Anakin was extremely strong in the force and was a much better
warrior than Obi and went for the attack anyways, only to have his legs and
arms cut off (ouch).

Obi was able to defeat his enemy because of being on higher ground,

And you can be like Obi and get higher ground in your business.

When you have that unfair advantage of being on the higher ground,
it makes making sales and getting sign ups that much easier.

Other marketers are still struggling on that low ground, thinking
they can make it…. and they can’t, and they won’t

This is the Jedi marketing way mi amigo.

Having the higher ground and marketing force behind you that others
are not willing to learn gives you that unfair advantage. Now you just
need to run with it.

Are you on the higher ground?

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-Matt Ferguson

Thinking BIG Could Actually Be Hurting You – Think Small Earn More Money

I bet you hear all the time that you need to think BIG, have HUGE
goals and that thinking small must mean you are a weeny.

You may have read books that teach the same.

“How To Think BIG” etc.

But, thinking big could actually be hindering you.

I found that when I was thinking BIG I was always spinning my wheels
like a bald tire in snow.

This is probably going against everything you have been reading or
been taught by leaders.

But let me explain…

Our brain has this natural ‘fear’ response towards change. Whether
it is positive change or negative change. It then comes down to the
fight or flight response.

So instead of thinking BIG and saying you want to earn $100,000 in
3 months, start by thinking smaller and making a goal to make a sale today, or get
a sign up today.
$100,000 in 3 months could be something you may not be able to wrap
your arms around, there is a lot to making that happen – BUT – getting 1 sign
up or sale per day is doable.

When you make a small goal by chunking it down, your brain says “I
can do this”.

What an amazing little mushy thing inside our skull huh?

Time to make it happen,

And if you want to learn how to do your business online, generate
leads, build relationships with your people and make more money and get more
signups then subscribe below:

-Matt Ferguson

The Online Bootay Call

Back about 12 years ago when I was working in an electronic store
selling computers, I was the shyer guy around girls who was scared to ask
chicks out and even more terrified at putting the mooves on them.

So I looked up to the older guys that I worked with and was always
asking them for advice.

I’ll never forget this one guy named Dathan.

This dude would go out and pick up girls like crazy.

He would also brag about his ‘booty calls’.

You know, where he would call up girls anytime for sex.

He would go over, throw on some George Michael (maybe? lol) and
then… well you can guess the rest.

After he was done, he would just leave…. No discussion
afterwards, no snuggling afterwards, probably just a quick cigarette and a “see ya next

So what in the heck does this have to do with online marketing?

And I’ll tell ya!

This is nothing more than some of them type of marketers out there!

But instead of booty calls for sex, they are booty calls to get you
to buy a product and make them money.

No relationship, no follow up, just a quick email saying “buy my
stuff” and then ‘see ya’ next time (sucka!).

The only time you hear from them by email is when they want your
money, they do the ‘booty call email’ and then you don’t hear from them
until some other product launch.

Anyways, here is the lesson.

In order to get sign ups in your business (whatever that business
is), you need to build a relationship with those people. So they keep
wanting to do business with you. So don’t treat your list like a bootay call.

Treat them how they deserve to be treated and they will join you.

For ways to grow your list, build a relationship with that list and
get more signups than you ever thought possible,

Subscribe with me at:

-Matt Ferguson

How The Heck Do I Grow My Business Online (Q and A Time Baby)

So I thought today would be a great Q and A day.


So grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage, and let’s dig into some

of these here questions I get.


QUESTION: Matt, I want to grow my business and sponsor people way more often

then I am now, how will Empower Network do that for me?


Matt:  Ahh great question mi amigo.


First of all, if you are marketing your business the old way like doing milk and

cookie parties or doing 3 way calls, that is cool, but we are in the 21st century

and the internet makes it sooper easy to connect with people.


There really isn’t a need anymore to do any of the lame old stuff. So Empower Network is

going to teach you how to market your business online the fun way.  No boring stuff



Ok, onto the next:


QUESTION:  What is a list and how do I grow it?


Matt:  Another great question.


Your list is comprised of people who want to know more about your product

or service.


You can grow it with many different methods, all taught inside of the Empower
Network.  You can use any method to grow your list and sell whatever it is you have

to offer.


It’s awesome to be out at the golf course to come home to 50+ people who want

to know more about what I have to offer, you can learn to do the same.


Okay one more:


QUESTION:  Are you single?


Lol kidding.


QUESTION:  I am already in a business, do I have to take my focus away from it to do

Empower Network?


Matt:  Many people inside of Empower Network grow other business’s.  You can take what

you learn inside of Empower to grow water whatever you are growing.


Once you learn marketing, get the mindset training and get to work, your list

will be growing fast and large.


It is definitely very profitable stuff, and when you get started they give you 8 fast start



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-Matt Ferguson