Why You Need To Fail In Order To Succeed

why you need to failWhy you need to fail, sounds funny doesn’t it?  Sometimes it goes against what we believe or have been told, we have an image to uphold, we have a reputation to keep, if you fail, you may look bad…  Does that ever cross your mind?  Let’s talk about why you need to fail in order to succeed.

Why You Need To Fail

There is a saying that goes like this… “When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re rotting”.  If you are not failing, you are not learning.   When I hear that saying it always reminds me of a tomato for some reason, you know they start off green when they are starting to grow, and once they are ripe they will begin to get nasty black holes (gross).

In order to succeed you need to constantly be learning, and the only way to learn is to fail.  Because I love marketing so much, I do a lot of new things to test out, if I fail at something I did – that means I have learned not to do that again.  If I am new to snowboarding (which sucks when you first start) you are going to fall down on your ass a lot, it’s just a known fact, but every time you get back up, you have learned not to lean too forward, lean too backwards or keep your legs stiff etc, you get better as you fail.

One Big Reason Why You Need To Fail

And that reason is ‘Learning’.  In order to learn sometime effectively , you must make mistakes and then pay attention to those mistakes.  Mistakes will teach you much better than preparation.  Just like my example above with the new snowboarder, it doesn’t matter what gear you have (preparation) , just getting out and failing will teach you how to become a better snowboarder.  There are many examples I could use but I am sure you get the picture.

Doing what you know you are good at is fun, but it doesn’t improve you, and this is why you need to fail.  When you go to the gym (quit making excuses and just go ;) ) and you begin to lift weights that are out of your capability, you begin to tear little muscle fibers and then as they start to repair themselves, they rebuild a little bit stronger and a little bit bigger to adapt.  As they say, no pain no gain and that goes for the brain.  As you fail you start to learn and grow.

Check out this awesome video by Michael Jordan, its only 30 seconds long, and it’s well worth the message

To get better at something, you have to do the painful activities over and over until you get it, it’s the only way to get better.

I apply this in my life all the time, if I am uncomfortable with something, I will just do it anyways because I know I will just get better, just ask my wife how many damn times I had to ask her out, okay that’s a joke ;) but you get the idea.

So just remember this, if you keep doing something you are good at you’re just coasting, you’ve plateau’d, and this is exactly why you need to fail.

To your success (Through Failing),



PS – I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t fail, I have learned many many things about marketing online and failed at a lot of them, but that only allowed me to learn what NOT to do and what TO do.  Check out the training I use to constantly learn by clicking HERE


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